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更多 发布于:2014-09-28 17:04


Efficient Dry ball mill

The dry ball mill is one of the main equipments that our company research to manufacture. Because the traditional ball mill does not have pertinence, therefore, in the requirements for grinding high precision materials, we developed a new efficient dry mill. It is widely used in the manufacture industries, such as cement, silicate, new building material, refractory material, fertilizer, ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and glass ceramics and can be used for the dry and wet grinding for all kinds of ores and
other grind-able materials.
Meanwhileit have also been widely used in the new materials enterprises, for the material which is high hardness and difficult to crushed, such as Carbide, iron-based alloys.

Our company’s efficient dry ball mills have the following characteristics:
1.        Optimization design of tank speed, it makes medium - balls form a shed-style movement to dispersed materials, to get the best grinding results.
2.        Transmission torque, high efficiency, smooth starting. Eliminating the recurring adjustment belt trouble.
3.        Use of protective measures, high purity, high environment protection, low pollution.
4.        It has unique design, that material, and the balls can be automatically separated, convenient to output.
5.      Internal lining parts can be used alloy steel castings, TAZS, zirconia etc. wear-resistant material. The type can be customized according to user output.
6.      Main bearing use double row self-aligning roller bearings, saving power more than 30% than the ordinary mill. Increase the processing power about 15%. High-pressure air make materials from the air shaft into the low-speed rotation of the grinding tube, the powder, which not reach the required fineness, will back to the feed-side to regrinding, efficient abrasive materials, and help to improve the ore grade.

   The machine is mainly used in factories, mines and industrial sectors of cement, refractory, chemicals, nonferrous and ferrous metals. The emergence of efficient dry ball mill, which Longding
developed, improved grinding efficiency of the material
greatly. So it has greater market prospects, walk in the forefront of the development of dry mill, followed by home and abroad companies constantly.
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