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更多 发布于:2014-09-06 21:58

Plate Dryer
Plate Dryer is
widely used in drying process in the fields of chemical, pharmaceuticals,
agricultural chemicals, foodstuff, fodder, process of agricultural and
by-products etc., and is well received by various industries.

Plate Dryer is
unique heating plate accumulates and retains heat in a way that conventional
air ovens cannot. Multiple sensors allow for sectional re-heating of the drying
plate only when it’s needed, unlike the inefficient on-off heating scheme of
conventional drying ovens.

Plate Dryer advantages:
As the dryer is in
a whole for delivery, it is quite easy to install and fix at site only by

Drying plates
being arranged by layers and installed vertically, it takes a small occupying
area though drying area is large.

Equipped with
solvent recovery device, that can recover organic solvent easily from
moist-carrier gas.

Each layer of
drying plate can be fed with hot or cold media individually to heat or cold
materials and make temperature control accurate and easy.

Low speed of air
flow inside the equipment and moisture being high in upper part, low in lower
part, dust powder couldn't float to the equipment, so there is almost no dust
powder in tail gas discharged from the moist discharge port on the top.

Plate Dryer working principle:
Wet materials are
fed continuously to the top drying layer in the dryer. They will be turned and
stirred continuously by harrows when the harrow's arm rotates, the material
flows through the surface of the drying plate along the exponential helical

On the small
drying plate the material will be moved to its exterior edge and drop down to
the exterior edge of the large drying plate underneath, and will then be moved
inward and drop down from its central hole to the small drying plate on the
next layer.

Small and large
drying plates are arranged alternately so as materials can go through the whole
dryer continuously. The heating media, which could be saturated steam, hot
water or thermal oil, will be led into hollow drying plates from one end to
other end of the dryer. The dried product will drop from the last layer of the
drying plate to the bottom layer of the smell body, and will be moved by
harrows to the discharge port.
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