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更多 发布于:2014-08-30 14:41

The bucket elevator is one of lifting equipments frequently used in the industrial production. The most common is the belt-type bucket elevators and chain-type bucket elevator.
TD-belt bucket elevator to meet the general use. Chain-type bucket elevator is used in a wider range of materials. Widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, mining, grain and oil, food, feed, plastics, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Compared with the belt-type bucket elevator, Chain-type bucket elevator has 5 main improvements.
Longer serving life. Chain-type bucket elevator with two circular
chains, the moving parts (hopper and traction chain), the upper section with
sprocket, lower section with taut round, intermediate casing, the drive, check
brake device. The chain has a very longer service life than the belt.
Easy for operation and maintenance. If Chain-type bucket elevator’s
chain has problems, Remove broken ring link, and then replaced with a new one.
Belt-type bucket elevator need to constantly adjust belt tightness.
Easy to adjust. Chain-type bucket elevator is generally adjust the
chain tightness, just adjust the tensioning device is ok. Belt-type bucket
elevator for a long time to use, belt wear will tear very large, only to replace
a new belt.
Loading and Unloading methods. Chain bucket elevator dig emulated load,
"feeding method" discharge. High-efficiency transmission. It also can
design the type of layout according to user requirements.
Shorten the time of downtime. Chain as the traction parts, greatly
reducing downtime, effectively extend the production time.
Working Principle

Bucket elevator is made up of the move part (hopper and
drag tape), the upper part that has transmission drum and the under part that
has cocking rotary drum, middle machine shell, driving device, opposite brake
device. It is suit for lifting loose, density less than 1.5t/m3 powdery,
granularity and small block loose materials. Such as coal, sand, charcoal
powder, cement, crushing mineral stone.(版权@机械论坛 bbsmachine.com,转载请注明)
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