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更多 发布于:2014-08-30 14:39

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a kind of linear direction feeding equipment. It makes a feature of smooth vibrating, reliable in operation, long service life and suitable for feeding.
Compared with other conveying means Vibrating Feeders have low energy consumption and cause little pollution. They are wear resistant and thus do not influence the quality and character of the product they handle. They are widely used in mining, building, silicate and chemical industries for crushing and screening.

(1) Small cubage, light weight, simple structure, easily fixed, no movement assembly, no lubrication, maintain easily.  
(2)Electromagnetic vibrating feeder uses up less electric energy because of the engine vibrating resonance principle and double plastid works at the low critical nearly resonance.  
(3) The feeding size is higher accuracy because it can change and start or off material flow instantaneously.  
(4) Control equipment of this series Electric-Magnetic Vibrating Machine adopts the controlled silicon half wave whole line. During the usage, the feeding size can be adjusted easily by adjusting the controlled opened corner. The production line is controlled by concentrating automatically.  
(5) The damage of chute is little because the material that in the chute is continuously thrown when feeding, and along the track of parabola moves bound toward.  
(6) This series Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is not suitable for the flameproof conditions.

Working Principle

When the power is on, the electric current passes the electric coils, which creates a magnetic field. The magnetic force changes into vibrating force, which forces the transmission trough body to make simple harmonic vibration or similar to simple harmonic vibration in a certain direction. When the acceleration of its vibration achieves some certain value, the materials will make continuous and small throws or slides along the transmission direction in the transmission trough body, which causes the forward motion and transmission of the materials. (版权@机械论坛 bbsmachine.com,转载请注明)
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